About Us

Learn with Lions is the NEW virtual tutoring club run by Lake Nona High School Students and sponsored by LNHS PTSA. We offer free virtual homework help and tutoring to elementary and middle school students in the Lake Nona Community.

How we started

Our LNHS PTSA was approached in January of 2020 by the Lake Nona Chamber of Commerce to work on a tutoring program for elementary students in our community that were struggling with learning due to the pandemic impacts. School clubs were also struggling to find hours and at that point could not take on a new program. So our PTSA researched and found the Learn-With-Us tutoring organization that was also run by students. It was a great match to help us get our tutoring program up and running quickly.

The LNHS PTSA started a virtual tutoring program in February of 2021 during the pandemic to help tutor elementary students and to provide an opportunity for our top performing high school students to earn Bright Futures volunteer hours. The program was a huge success! We worked with a student run organization called Learn-With-Us to get up and running quickly. Our Lake Nona chapter had 64 math tutors helping more than 80 4th and 5th grade students with FSA math concepts. Then in the summer we had 38 summer camp tutors teach 2 sessions of camp covering over a dozen topics for each session. In the fall of 2021, we moved our chapter to the next level by turning the program into the Learn With Lions Club.  This is the first PTSA run club in the county and was created to help our high school students take on leadership roles through forming and running the whole process. We had 18 students on our initial board to create everything from this website to advertising banners & flyers, club rules, registration and tracking forms, training programs, surveys, lesson content, and other behind-the-scenes components.  The club had 50 tutors that helped over 85 students in classes such as Story Time(K-1), Fun with Phonics (2-3), FSA Math (4-5), and Homework Help sessions (K-8). 

The 2021 Fall programs were a success, but we were concerned that our after-school class schedules did not match with many of the students in need, plus the content was too advanced for some, while too easy for others. In January of 2022, we decided to make a big switch to private one-on-one virtual tutoring to give more individual attention to the students and flexible scheduling. This also worked great for our tutors’ busy schedules.  We had over 80 tutors helping over 110 students with their specific needs at their own pace and the results were amazing!   

For the fall of 2022 we are excited to continue with our free private one-on-one virtual tutoring program for students in any of our elementary and middle schools in the Lake Nona area. All programs are taught virtually through Zoom or WebEx, so your students can learn safely from home and connect with real role models from the high school!

LWL Student Board Members

President of Procedures – Daniyl N

President of Programs – Abigail I

Secretary/Historian – Chisom H

Treasurer – Karol B

Director of Tutor Recruitment – Safi A

VP Logistics – Shreya S

VP Operations – Krit D

VP Scheduling – Shruti S

VP Tutor Development – Alaina L

VP Marketing – Bethany D

VP Tutor Communications/Training – Thetima L

Webmaster – Marcus A

Summer Camp Directors – Jaleah K & Daniyl N